Betty and Ken’s Eastern Mediterranean Adventure #8 – Monday, April 22, 2019: Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro. Even more spectacular mountains. We drove along the coast to Parest where we took a boat to a tiny island to see Our Lady of the Rocks, a maritime church. Dianja was our guide, pronounced Diana.

Long hair, looked like Liberal Chick. There was an Arab girl with very distracting short-shorts in our group. Decorum prevents me from posting a photo of her.

The little church is positively stuffed with relics and donations.

We also toured the walled city and another church, with the wrapped Jesus (wrapped for shipping, no doubt). It made me think of that artist Christos, who wraps buildings and whatnot.

There is only room for one cruise ship in the port, so we stood at anchor and the passengers took a tender (small boat) to the port. So, in Montenegro, we went from a ship to a boat to a bus to a boat to a bus to a boat to the ship.

The translators do their best, but often get it wrong in telling ways, we still encounter phrases like “Cruises Ships”.

Below, a pretty shot of the port. Montenegro, of course, means Black Mountain, a reference to the dark pines.