Betty and Ken’s Mediterranean Adventure #12 – Friday, April 26, 2019: Corfu, Greece

There were about five cruise ships at the port, many more people than the small city could support. It was also Orthodox Good Friday, so there were parades and larger crowds than usual.

Most of the people on our excursion were Spanish-speaking, and they monopolized the conversation with our guide, Mikesi. 

Mikesi explained that the more cruise ships in port, the worse business is in the town. It’s because of the crowds, and because people had to rush through their excursion.

Corfu is a bit poorer than the other ports we visited. More garbage, dingier buildings. The same old trinkets for sale, though.

There were dozens of swallows flying and screeching overhead in the town. Just as crazy and graceful and daring as in Canada.

We visited a pretty little monastery, with one monk and one acolyte.

They kept songbirds, chickens, and turtles there. And a sort of museum of tools.

They’re set up for catering at the monastery, though we didn’t eat there.

We drove to the mountainous end of the island, and went to one of its many beaches and enjoyed a beer.

Some of the many T-shirts on sale. I thought the designs were cleverer than we see in Canada.

It was at this point in our adventure that we began to get a little weary of the whole routine. Only one more destination to go: Bari!