Betty and Ken’s Eastern Mediterranean Adventure #7 – Sunday, April 21, 2019: Split, Croatia

We rode a bus along a river valley among spectacular mountains. We had an early lunch with wine at a winery which was originally a mill. The river is a favourite of rafters. We mixed a bit with some  ladies from Maryland, and “The Girl from Ipanema”, a young lady from Brazil. We ate prosciutto, cheese, and olives, and were serenaded by a guitarist and accordionist, who both sang.

After lunch, we returned to Split.

Split was the retirement home of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, one of the very few emperors to actually retire rather than being murdered. Most of his palace survives, and is now occupied by townspeople. It’s gone from a slum to very desirable lodgings, but with very little privacy. It fronts directly on the water.

An episode of “The Game of Thrones” (Season 5, Episode 3, they tell me) was shot in the ruins of the Emperor’s palace. The below is one such locale. It turns out that our guide Alexa, was an actress who played a part in that episode.


A larger-than-life statue of a Bishop Gregory of Nin, just to the north of the palace. You’re supposed to rub his toe to make a wish. His toe has a nine inch nail, pun intended.

We wandered around in our free time, seeing the local sights:

The mural contained plastic objects that had been recovered from the harbour and elsewhere on the coast.

Spectacular mountains (this is a photo from the bus).

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