Betty and Ken’s Eastern Mediterranean Adventure #14 – Sunday, April 28: Return to Venice

Disembarkation was confused and delayed. There was a half-hour delay even before we left the theatre (where they were showing videos of people falling and playing tricks on others). And then we were all on the same gangway, actually two gangways merging into one. The further delay was for people picking up confiscated items such as knives. Why they had to serve those people in one line with all the rest of the passengers is beyond me. Probably MSC didn’t want to pay for another crew member.

Our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, was close to the airport.

I think that MSC, and other lines as well, should have something better than stickers to show bus numbers. Some of the stickers inevitably fall off, to be stuck to floors or pavements, to further piss off the locals. Maybe lanyards would be better. They could use lanyards for other purposes on board as well as on shore.

This photo shows the general vicinity in Venice where the MSC Opera crashed a few weeks after our cruise.

Finding our luggage was easier than last year because of the colour coding. We were in the “Lilac” area.

We searched for the shuttle in the rain and eventually took a taxi to the hotel (70 euros). It turns out that for all the delays in disembarking, we were in the bus area too soon than scheduled, and we left in the taxi before our Crowne Plaza shuttle arrived. Our bad, their good.

Our fellow passengers in the taxi were a lady and her husband I recognized from our regular dinner sittings on the MSC Opera. They were from Great Britain. The husband said the MSC cruise was terrible compared to others: he recommended Norwegian and Princess.

Another couple, whom we met at the beginning of the trip, were also staying at the Crowne Plaza.  It turns out that they were the aunt and uncle of that girl who was hit in her car by a rock thrown off a bridge over the highway 401 in Durham a few years ago. She is still alive, but she lives daily with pain, according to the aunt.

Betty was sick with a cold and slept most of the day.

The Crowne Plaza had some intriguing artwork throughout. Here are some few samples.

It looks as though the upper half of each work is constructed from pieces taken out of the lower half, though there are no seams or cuts to indicate that they actually were constructed that way. I think they may have been 3D printed. There were other works in the hotel, in glass, and in steel, and in different styles.

I explored the neighbourhood in the early evening drizzle. Homes there have gated front yards, so you have to open a locked gate to even access their front doors. 

We left early the next morning for the airport and our flight home.

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