Betty and Ken’s Eastern Mediterranean Adventure #1 – Monday, April 15, 2019 – Departure

Ship: MSC Opera

I’m going to blog our recent trip to the Eastern Mediterranean. This first post is pretty boring, but it gets better.

Richard was our driver. Nice guy, but talkative. He runs a limousine service, but lately has abandoned events like weddings and proms in favour of airport runs, which pay the bills but don’t involve drunks, etc. His method on arrival is to wait for us in the Arrivals area on foot, then take us and our luggage to his parking spot in the parking tower. This nicely avoids the chaos at the Arrivals traffic area. Very smart, and all you have to pay for is the 1-hour parking fee. We will use Richard again. I think his service is called Affordable Limousine. Check with Patti.

The guy sitting in front of Betty put his seat back for the whole flight. Almost no-one else put their seat back.

I watched the new “A Star is Born”, “Asterix and the Olympics” (live action) and the first half of “Mary Poppins Returns”.

I left my prescription sunglasses on the plane. ASAP, I should write to Air France to try to recover them. I’ll need the flight information, including flight number, date, and seat number, as I think all information I can supply should help. (I went on their website after I got back.)

Long walk to transfer in Paris. Security was easy.

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