The Jewel in the Sidewalk

We were coming home after our morning walk. We were on Jones Avenue, specifically on the sidewalk in front of #76. Most mornings I usually steer Gibson to the south side of this street. He doesn’t like being in the road instead of on the sidewalk, but that’s where most of the shade is. Anyway, it was cool enough this time that we were walking on the sunny north sidewalk.

Something caught my eye. It was a gleam, much brighter than the odd glitter of quartz or mica that you might see in the concrete of a sidewalk. It also had a bit of rainbow sparkle that you see from leaded glass or diamond, and at first I thought someone had lost the diamond from her ring.

We walked on a bit, and then curiosity got the better of me and we circled back. I know they write numbers on diamonds with lasers these days, and maybe I could help return the gem to its owner.

We came along in the same direction, and there it was, gleaming as before. I stopped Gibson, and we stood before the gleaming object. As I bent down towards it, I realized that it was a tiny sphere, and the gleam in it was an image of the bright morning sun, like the sparkle in someone’s eye. It seemed to get bigger as I got closer. Was it some kind of bead made of exotic glass? I reached to pick it up, and discovered that it was a perfectly clean, spherical globe of…

…sap from the evergreen tree above the sidewalk. And of course I destroyed it trying to pick it up.

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