The 20 Pianos of Ernán López-Nussa

My friend Dr. Germán Rogés gave me this collection of etudes by Cuban pianist Ernán López-Nussa. They were composed for twenty of his piano students, each etude being targeted for a specific student. That said, they are useful to any piano player interested in exploring the Cuban style. I’m fairly certain that all of these etudes were recorded by the composer.

If you’re wondering about copyright, there is none, because López-Nussa placed all of these works in the public domain.

Each coloured link points you to a PDF of the piano score of the audio file immediately below it. Some of the titles, which are in Spanish and French, are followed by my clumsy translations into English.

Feel free to download any of these recordings and scores.

01. Al paso de Adán (No recording available)
02. Angeles de paso

03. Invierno en La Habana (1) – Winter in Havana

04. Locos y loqueros

05. La Voisine – The neighbour

06. Lobo’s cha (no recording available)
07. Voile de Mariee – Bridal Veil

08. Invierno en La Habana (2) – Winter in Havana

09. Zontime Nº3

10. Puesto y convidado (ZT 1)

11. La viña del señor – The lord’s vineyard.(ZT 2)

12. Renoir y Nana

13. Volver a Cuba – Return to Cuba

14. Danza de los inocentes – Dance of the innocents

15. Niña con violin – Girl with a violin

16. Reencuentro – Reunion

17. Figuraciones

18 Carta Anais – Letter to Anais

19. Bruma en otoño – In the autumn mist

20. Momo – Funny Face

21. Clave (Bonus score, but no recording available)

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