Betty and Ken’s Eastern Mediterranean Adventure #6 – Saturday, April 20, 2019: Koper, Slovenia

Our first bus had no A/C, and the windows were painted over with soccer ads. So, I couldn’t get many photos from the bus.

Stuffy, painted bus

We toured Koper a bit, then drove to Izola, then Piran, then Porterose (pink door?) which was the real Riviera of Slovenia. Hotel after Hotel.

Pocket four-valve trumpet for sale at the market in Izola

Piran is the birthplace of Tratini, a famous baroque composer, violinist, and teacher. There is a statue of him in the square, which is named Tratini Square.

Fun fact: that square was originally the harbour and fish market. It became silted up and smelly, so it was filled in and paved over.

Guiseppe Tartini

I shot most of the pictures that day with the exposure compensation set wrong on the camera — I accidentally moved the dial — so that all the photos were too dark. Easy to fix in Affinity Photo. An exposure setting of 4 is about right, but I tried different settings to see which is best for each photo. The sky’s a little dark in this one.

We loved watching the kids play in the squares, in all the towns we visited. They didn’t have parks or playgrounds as in Canada, so it seems.

We eventually got a fresh bus with A/C and unpainted windows.

It looks like there is little poverty in Slovenia, none that we could see anyway.

Slovenia, by the way, is the only country in the world with “love” in its name.