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I’m winding down after another great Royals gig. Thanks, dancers, thanks to our great sax front-line, thanks Dave and Bob for filling out the rhythm section in Eric and Ken’s absence (and Bob’s son for doing such a great job on percussion). And THANK-YOU TANYA for not only singing so beautifully but also researching all the songs and being the emcee all evening. And that smokin’ gown! Woo!

I know the pay sux. But still, there’s almost nothing I’d rather do than set sail on song after song, giving it all to deliver a performance that is at the same time rock-solid and fluid as air. The more deeply comfortable you are with a chart, the more you can let your inner artist fly, knowing that you won’t have to endure a bumpy landing. There is simply nothing like the experience of sailing along in a groove, and just on the spur of the moment creating a little capsuleĀ  rhapsody, even just a couple of bars, of something that is just right and perfectly in the moment.

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